The following is data sent to Branscan from a customer who has just started to use an INLINE F4000 instrument for quality and process control of their flour mill  The data that is shown in this presentation was taken from the archive, however the problem was seen at the time in the trend display of the software and because of this the customer was able to react quickly to rectify the problem.

Archive Graph

During production, the miller noticed that the bran specks and

Bran percentage increased very quickly.

They stopped the mill and went to check the sifter. What they found was a small hole in one of the covers, so this was replaced and the mill was restarted.

Hole in sifter cover

From the Archive graph it is clear to see the spike in Specks and percentage, and how quickly the mill returned to normal production once the sifter cover was replaced

Hole in sifter cover

Sifter Cover Burst