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The NIR inline system utilises a new kind of technology, that is a fraction of the size of current spectrometers available on the market today, but still provides the high accuracy and repeatability that is demanded by the milling industry.

With a wavelength span of 1300 nm to 2200 nm all of the prime near infrared wavelength peaks can be scanned, making this a prime instrument for use within gluten loops, moisture control or quality control of the final product

Designed to fit in a standard hand hold for convenience, means that the instalation can be done in a very short space fo time. The N4000 is a small NIR with a big scanning capability, inline measurements of Protein, Moisture, Sedimentation, Gluten, Starch Damage, water absorption Ash are all possible, together with that and the fact that it is sensibly priced, all of a sudden multiple NIR measurement points can now be a reality.

A fast measurment frequency combined with Branscan's unique sampling methods mean that 100's of measurements can be taken every second. That is then averaged out to provide the miller with an average reading every 30 seconds,  this value can then be sent directly to the mill control system, whether it is OPC, RS232 or 4-20mA Branscan has a solution to fit.

N4000 Inline NIR