Branscan have developed a ROBUST, production environment friendly   NIR system aimed at the millers in the Control Room and shipping intake

Introducing the N2000 - Control Room/Shipping Intake  

Desktop NIR

A simple to use design, with a built in PC and touch screen monitor, the N2000 instrument takes up very little space in a control room, but with its fast scanning and simple operation, it enables millers to keep control of the production without having to rely upon the laboratory. With calibrations for Protein, Moisture, Starch Damage, Sedimentation, Water Absorption, ASH and much more, instant quality analysis is now an affordable option

N2000 is supplied with its own White reference loaded into a sealed measuring cup, two measuring cups (although more can be supplied), a tamper for the sample cup, a cover and a cleaning brush


With a high sample repeatability rate, N2000 is the desktop NIR of choice for operators and technicians alike.

N2000 Desktop NIR