We have a range of Branscan products available, each offering a different solution to your Flour, Wheat, Grain etc measurement reading needs.


F2000ae Fluoroscan Branscan Flour and Semolina Machine

The F2000ae is a specialized device that facilitates measuring the mineral content present in flour, making it one of the most efficient and precise methods for determining ash. The F2000ae is a stand-alone platform that utilizes the same algorithm as its predecessor but is now more compact and easier to use. Its key features are:

  • Smaller system footprint.
  • Easy to load and use.
  • Larger Imaging area.
  • Faster scanning.
  • Built in PC.
  • Built in touch screen.
  • Front mounted USB for data retrieval.
  • Measurement of aleurone and bran.
  • Accurate speck counting.


The first in our range of Branston products is our consistent   real-time laboratory system for measuring Aleurone, Bran and ASH particles in the flour industry – The Flouroscan F2000 Laboratory System.

Key Features:

  • Fast accurate speck analysis in flour products such as semolina, rye, wheat, oats and barley.
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Daily calibration is not required due to its specifically developed algorithm and lighting system
  • Instant real-time analysis of samples, with the ability to export and archive data collected.
Branscan Fluoroscan F2000


F4000 Branscan machine

Our precise and rapid F4000 Online System for measuring aleurone and bran in flour products. As well as benefitting from all the elements of our F2000 laboratory system, its key features are:

  • Scalable to suit the size of your enterprise.
  • Can be used in lights-out processing operations where plants function 24/7, and is configurable for use in ATEX Zones 21 and 22.
  • Configurable built in alarms, and remotely located screens to suit your needs.


A popular bit of kit from our Branscan products range is the NIR2GO. It is a fully portable Near Infrared system, with the power of a laboratory instrument remarkably in the palm of your hand.

Key Features:

  • Adaptable to speedily quality check any parameter, our versatile NIR can accurately trace, however, it is not limited to, the following parameters:
    – Moisture
    – Protein
    – Starch Damage
    – Gluten
    – Water Absorption
    – Sedimentation
    – ASH.
  • Robust yet light design, with a tablet and approximately 5 hours of battery life.
  • Solid, constant and true NIR, with easy-to-use software, which runs on any Microsoft Windows compatible device. Instant connectivity to any network, as well as to the Internet through pairing with a mobile phone.
  • A multifaceted handheld device that can be modified for use in any industry.


Branscan NIR2GO


The N4000 - Near Infra Red machine available at Branscan

The NIR inline system utilises a new kind of technology, that is a fraction of the size of current spectrometers available on the market today, and still provides the high accuracy and repeatability that is demanded by industries such as the milling sector.

Key Features:

  • Inline measurements of Protein, Moisture, Sedimentation, Gluten, Starch Damage, water absorption ASH are all possible. Our inline NIR has been successfully used to classify whey and dairy based chemical powders, such as baby formula and powdered milk.
  • With a wavelength span of 1050 to 2450nm all of the prime near infrared wavelength peaks can be scanned, making this a prime instrument for use within gluten loops, moisture control or quality control of the final product.
  • A fast measurement frequency combined with our unique sampling methods mean that hundreds of measurements can be taken every day, which equates to an average reading every 30 seconds. This account can then be sent directly to your control system, whether it is OPC, RS232 or 4-20mA – Branscan has a solution to fit your requirements.