Branscan is used in many agricultural industries across the globe, providing accurate measurements and readouts on various crops. However, our devices can be adapted for use in any industry. Here are a few examples of the industries that Branscan is a valuable asset for.

Flour and Grain:

The first of the Branscan Industries reach is in Flour and Grain. Both our Fluoroscan products (F2000 Laboratory and F4000 Inline) were developed specifically for use in the flour and grain industries.  For fast and reliable measurements of ASH, Speck count, Bran and Aleurone Percentage.

Our NIR systems accurately measure protein, moisture, sedimentation, starch damage, gluten and water absorption in the lab, at line or inline is essential, and what our products can offer.

NIR measurements take seconds to produce the statistics required and can be used by both millers and lab technicians alike. With calibrations that are based on the reference method, accuracy and repeatability results are consistently at their best.

In SECONDS!  our NIR2GO  is capable of measuring all of these parameters at the palm of your hand!

Comparison of NIR parameter measurements and real time
Branscan monitor

Rapeseed Oil and Edible Oils:

The second example of Branscan Industries use is in Rapeseed Oil / Edible Oil. Oil content in rapeseed and other edible oils is usually measured using the destructive Soxhiet chemical extraction method, which is extremely harmful to both the environment and human health. Furthermore, the Soxhiet method is also expensive and time consuming. Measuring large batches of samples using this method is also not practical in most laboratories.

Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) offers a simple alternative to the reference method. It is a fast and non-destructive and requires no chemicals. It is simple and safe to use for all levels of technical or operational use. It can also be used on whole seeds, which minimises the time it takes to run a test. Both our NIR2GO and N4000 products are ideally suited for this particular test.

Other Industries – Pharmaceutical, Textile, Agriculture, Food.

Whatever parameter you require to speedily   and accurately measure, our NIR systems (NIR2GO and N4000) are capable of quickly and accurately scanning it, whether it be protein, moisture, ASH, starch damage, water absorption, or sedimentation. We have a proven track record of successfully working not just in the flour and milling sectors, but also in the agriculture, food, edible oils, pharmaceutical and textile sectors.